Michael Buble

This is the music of the moment – I can’t get it out of my head for some reason. It’s really strange when that happens. It reminds me of long ago when life was one long soundtrack. I was watching an old episode of NCIS and Lost was the soundtrack to the poignant ending. I suppose I should own up that we are back to binge-watching the whole series. The characters become like old friends, and the big advantage is that it is not so scary after several viewings. There is also another good thing about watching re-runs when one is older – I often cannot remember the ending.


We will be visiting grandchildren again soon, so I am trying to brush up my contemporary music skills. It is amazing how quickly the time flies by. How did I ever have time to work? And isn’t it wonderful to be living in the time when we have all the advantages of Spotify, TV, Boxed sets, MP3 players and so forth?

By the way, if you have time to watch the video, what do you make of the themes in the film? I was a bit confused the first time.

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  1. LC says:

    I didn’t share “Lost” experience with you, but I do share the memory thing about endings. It is an advantage when it comes to jokes. I can enjoy hearing jokes repeated since I don’t remember the punch lines.

  2. It’s all beyond me I fear. Don’t miss the anxiousness associated with it either. Have fun with grandkids…Dianne

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