The Season known as Christmas

So – is this the Christmas season or is it not?  Technically, as far as churches are concerned this is Advent (lit the coming) and purists will tell us that this is when they concentrate on the second coming of Jesus. I always preferred simplicity and liked the idea of a waiting for Jesus to be born into the midst of the world – or human hearts if you prefer the existentialist approach. That gives the season some kind of sense in the wider community. For out there in the commercial world we are now well into the swing of the Christmas Season. There is a sprinkling of appropriate music on air, and Christmas movies are making their appearance on screen.

Chat shows of all kinds are hosting celebrities as guests, particularly those who have new publications to promote  ………….. books, cds, dvds, TV programmes…….  And adverts are suitably seasoned up. You’ve got to either love it or loathe it. But – and it is a big But – for some people this time of year is one fraught with tragedy: the loved one no longer there, the one whose accident changed their life………  Life is never simple. For someone who is walking through great sadness, the whole Christmas scene is unbearable.

But today I want to make my own announcement – as well as giving congrats to a certain happy couple who are probably fed up with all the publicity – I have decided to join in with this season – whatever it is – and to revive the tradition of long ago……. ie the buying of new Christmas music.  Michael Buble in fact, and it is pretty good. And yes I did see him on a chat show promoting it.

And as for those struggling to get through, I hold you up to be wrapped up in the love of the child who came to show us how to love.

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3 Responses to The Season known as Christmas

  1. Lyn says:

    I boycott the hype of the season as much as I possibly can. It is so overdone. I even limit the music so I’m not weary of its hearing, until the last week or so. I actually enjoy Christmas music most that week after the day itself, putting on my own collection of favorites. Your choice of Bublé is good. Enjoy!

  2. Dianne says:

    When I was in the pit of dispair, I clung to the notion that God is Love. What a wonderful message of good tidings and great joy you have shared today. Dianne

  3. Anne says:

    What you write suddenly made me feel better about a time that always produces anxiety and stress. If only we could get away from the commercial side, the presents, the spending, the over consumption, and just remember the message of love and hope.

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