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The Art of Ageing

It’s nearly Pre-Birthday-Month time so it seems a good time to dive into The Art of Ageing again. It is one of those little gems that has a great deal of common sense. More than anything, the author, John Lane, … Continue reading

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Auspicious Day

It’s strange that we insist on making a day special. We have to make order of things, and similarly we have to make order of time passing: – sunsets, dawn, lunar cycles, the passage of the planets – and hence … Continue reading

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Last time I was talking about sitting in state occupying myself with crochet blankets. ┬áThere has been a lot more of the same. It turns out that I have a fractured ankle, so rest is the order of the day. … Continue reading

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A new way of looking at life

You only have to look at the cast to realise you are in for a treat; add in the location and cinematographic magic is assured. At least I thought so. There are different ways of looking at life, particularly in … Continue reading

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It’s sometimes difficult to keep up with internet-speak, text-speak, online chatting terms and so forth. But one word I love to hear the grandchildren use so happily is “chilling”. This is not the way they describe a bad experience at … Continue reading

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Mahatma Gandhi

Some words from Gandhi – worth thinking about. Your beliefs become your thoughts Your thoughts become your words Your words become your actions Your actions become your habits Your habits become your values Your values become your destiny

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Philosopher friend and Grace

I enjoy conversations with a purpose and especially like time to discuss the deeper issues of life. This is a story which my “philosopher friend” wanted shared on the blog. Both of us would be interested in your thoughts. The … Continue reading

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Wildlife news and philosophy

It has been one of those days for wildlife………. not the wild partying kind of days of yore, but for seeing and getting news of the birds and creatures around us here. First of all I drew the curtains to … Continue reading

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A rose brings sunshine and hope

A new variety for this year – David Austin It seems to like its new home. Because last winter was so cold and bleak, we lost many of our plants to the frost and the deer. The poor animals were … Continue reading

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Losses and gains

Unfortunately I have been unable to drive for the last six months because of health problems. However, the day has at last arrived (along with the Certificate of Insurance to prove it,) when I can get behind the wheel again. … Continue reading

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