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Island wife

It is a while since a book has gripped my imagination and inner world the way that Island Wife has. The author Judy Fairbairns beguiled me into a world of countless possibilities yet all with a dash of wisdom and … Continue reading

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Every once in a while a film comes around that leaves you with a smile. Untouchable, is one such film.  It takes a bit more effort to concentrate on the English sub-titles, nonetheless very little is lost of the dark … Continue reading

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Happy Dancing

It’s a wet Friday here in Dalamory – A soft day, as my Granny used to say. The undernoted clip is a couple of minutes of fun from Strictly Come Dancing. I didn’t see it on the day and only … Continue reading

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Dentist again

What I want to know is why does going to the dentist give you a pain in the shoulder? Was it being tensed up against the chair trying to get away from the multitudinous number of drills he used? Or … Continue reading

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Time for a smile

This is well worth a listen/look – thanks to Vernacular Curate for posting it.

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You’ve got to laugh

Thanks to Schmidleysscribbling for this cartoon:

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God’s memory?

A sprightly 60-year-old woman was walking along 5th Avenue when she heard a voice from above: “You will live to be 100.” She looked around but didn’t see anyone. Again she heard the voice: “You will live to be 100.” … Continue reading

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Not really a book review

This is not really a book review – I haven’t yet finished the book in any case. It is more about age related problems. As you know, these last few weeks have been busy, and I have been a bit … Continue reading

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Two novels and a suitcase of apples

This past week or so has been respite of a kind. The last month  has been especially busy, so quality time to recover, regroup and read up on ideas and news seemed like a good idea. Every blogger needs a … Continue reading

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Norman Wisdom In Memoriam

There is so much I could say about growing up and Norman Wisdom. He came across as being funny, endearing and sincere; he was also a favourite of my Mother’s, which meant I got to see him on TV. A … Continue reading

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