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Always the same

When I was very young I used to get so worked up over films or TV that I almost freaked out. It started with Bambi, yes the Disney cartoon. When baby Bambi was separated from his mother and orphaned in … Continue reading

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Dentist again

What I want to know is why does going to the dentist give you a pain in the shoulder? Was it being tensed up against the chair trying to get away from the multitudinous number of drills he used? Or … Continue reading

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A happy escape

Yes – it’s that time of year again, and how lovely it is to see Misty’s eyes! You have been saved from a post about the dreary and mundane fears that have been bugging me this week. (Nothing serious, just … Continue reading

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Lent promises

This year I have been a bit behind with thinking what to do in Lent, in terms of spiritual discipline. In years gone by I’ve tried many of the usual things – giving up chocolate or coffee, for instance – … Continue reading

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