A happy escape

Yes – it’s that time of year again, and how lovely it is to see Misty’s eyes!

You have been saved from a post about the dreary and mundane fears that have been bugging me this week. (Nothing serious, just the usual moans and groans….) Tabor had the good idea of making a list of personal happy thoughts and good news, so I thought I would try to do the same.  Hope it sets you off too.

  • Remembering the family party and the group photo.
  • Remembering living in the Western Isles because of a TV programme about the southern isles.
  • Watching my way through the boxed DVD set of Upstairs Downstairs (1970’s) and reliving happy memories of how life was when I watched the programmes on TV the first time round.
  • Misty newly shorn for spring
  • Crocus and snowdrops in flower
  • R&R for HBTW means same for me (no sense dwelling on the nasty virus in the first place, he’s getting better now.)
  • 4 new books to read
  • Comfort food because anything HBTW can eat is OK
  • Lighter evenings and the promise of spring
  • Driving the car again to walk the dog – a long story of woe!
  • Paperclog cleared

Not a definitive list, just a few things that come to mind this cold Saturday afternoon, and much better than a rant or a worry over all the usual things.

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8 Responses to A happy escape

  1. Quite a collection of things to be happy about. It is easier than you’d think isn’t it when you can get into the right mindset? I am trying to do something similar but hadn’t thought of writing them down. A good idea, particularly for someone as negative as I am.
    It really is in the little everyday good things that we fine we are truly blessed.
    Lovely picture of Misty by the way.

  2. LC says:

    Good list! Laudable effort, too, if you are recuperating and consoling a recuperating hubby at the same time. Thanks for sharing a photo of Misty’s new haircut. Just seeing those sparkling eyes is a happy, even long distance! Thoughts are coming your way for numerous additions to your happy list.

  3. Lyn says:

    I believe we would all be happier if we stopped and considered the things that make us genuinely happy and contended. When I do, it lifts such a burden from my shoulders. So when things seem dismal, I try to do that. Perhaps I’ll start writing just one thing a day, trying to not repeat for 90 days.

  4. Lyn says:

    Oh, and Misty looks adorable!

  5. Julie Andrews said it best. We do better if we focus on our favorite things. Postive thinking Norman Vincent Peale called it. I needed to read your blog today. I have been in a funk since I visited my GP yesterday and we got into an argument about weight. Now what can I think about that is positive? How about a stick of celery?

  6. Marcia Mayo says:

    and our big old moon in the US this week!

  7. freda says:

    Making the list helped improve my mood and so did the encouraging comments. Dianne, I’ve had weight issues all my life and I am tired of it. My current doctor tells me it is all relative……. she is being kind, I am at least 35lbs too heavy and at some stage I shall have to take serious steps to lose it. But I need to get better first.

    Marcia, we’ve had the same big moon this week in Scotland too!

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