Busy doing nothing

I really have been busy doing nothing and very nice it has been too. I am making the most of the last few days of my Birthday Month. When it rains or I feel like drifting away into the post-Edwardian Age, I look at some of my Upstairs Downstairs series on the computer. I am also reading a Kate Morton book, The Distant Hours. It was chosen for me by the Librarian from the Library Van. (I have to confess to being still in bed when he called the other week at 9am.) It is an interesting book – some 650 pages – and typical of Morton’s style. Some paragraphs are so elegant that I want to write them down. However, the author has the habit of writing about different characters in different periods or years, using multiple flashbacks. The secrets that give rise to the plot are deeply buried in the narrative, inducing in me the tendency to drop off and have a wee snooze. Then I wake up not knowing where I am, either in the book or in real life. Not a book for the faint-hearted, though that is more to do with style than scary action. In other words, it is quite a difficult read.

In between I have done the odd bit of light dusting, imagining I am wearing the uniform of an Edwardian Housemaid – nothing kinky there, by the way, merely a device to encourage myself into getting on with something useful for a change. It’s amazing how much dust has accumulated since I had the ‘flu. And it has been taking ages to get fully back to rights.

Today’s BMT is a meal out at our local hotel. The local church building is 200 years old this year and there are a number of special events throughout the year. The meal this evening is to be with a menu from the 1800’s. Sounds interesting. I just hope it will be easy on the digestion.

Who else has been as lazy and indolent as me?

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