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Verger celebrates

Thought this video was appropriate – one person letting off celebratory steam. Have had a wonderful day watching the Royal wedding. It’s ballroom dancing tonight, who knows – maybe a cartwheel or two will be in order. Brilliant, brilliant day. … Continue reading

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Getting to know him

Knowing your dentist is definitely important.  I’ve told you before about the trauma that going to a new dentist can bring. Yesterday was a follow-up visit to do a filling – right in the centre, so I was in quite … Continue reading

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Giggling penguin

And here’s one that did link properly. Only 23 seconds.

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Pie Jesu

A new Pie Jesu from Britain’s Got Talent. (Btw I don’t watch the programme, but this song has the Aaaaaah factor.) Sorry – this particular video doesn’t seem to want to work as a click-on link, but it is well … Continue reading

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Stressometer and Camping

My stressometer has been into the red this week. As well as the credit card problem there have been a couple of extra biggies. I’m not going to bore you with them as I am doing the best I can to … Continue reading

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Update on credit card fraud

If you read my post on Something Stupid you might be wondering what stage I am at in having the fraud sorted out.  Since my original rant I have had 2 emails and spoken to another operative in the Disputes … Continue reading

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Sunday Blessing

I found this over at The Rev and a Dog – it’s a new blessing to me and it is really beautiful. Happy Palm Sunday May the blessing of light be on you – light without and light within. May … Continue reading

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Tripping the light……

This is our new community centre – the result of 12 years hard work by many volunteers who have done a marvellous job at bringing the project to fruition. As a result of all this, there has been a resurgence … Continue reading

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After yesterday’s rant about banks and credit card companies, how about thinking instead about happiness? There is a new initiative encouraging people to look positively at life. Their premiss is that money and things do not necessarily make us happy. … Continue reading

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Something stupid

The “Something stupid” is actually me, or rather something I have done. This is intended as a cathartic rant of a post and may not make it past the publish button. Anyway, writing things out might help me to feel … Continue reading

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