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Credit Cards

Over the years I have had many a rant about the big financial institutions – banks, credit cards, utilities and so forth. Today I found myself dealing with yet another anomaly with the way credit card companies organise themselves. It … Continue reading

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Update on credit card fraud

If you read my post on Something Stupid you might be wondering what stage I am at in having the fraud sorted out. ┬áSince my original rant I have had 2 emails and spoken to another operative in the Disputes … Continue reading

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Something stupid

The “Something stupid” is actually me, or rather something I have done. This is intended as a cathartic rant of a post and may not make it past the publish button. Anyway, writing things out might help me to feel … Continue reading

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By the way – I got my refund back from the dodgy, clunky cash machine. Plus an apology from my bank. Mind you, I suppose it is a bit much to demand that a bank knows whether the machine counts … Continue reading

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Banking mayhem

Actually, this is really about cash machines and how things can go wrong. In a Co-op store I needed to draw out some cash and decided to use their decidely clunky-looking ATM. It timed out, refused to give me any … Continue reading

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Banking posers

One of the banks I use sent me a questionnaire yesterday – all to do with customer satisfaction. And yes – the bank in question has been in receipt of a helping hand from the taxpayer. So did I tear … Continue reading

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