Update on credit card fraud

If you read my post on Something Stupid you might be wondering what stage I am at in having the fraud sorted out.  Since my original rant I have had 2 emails and spoken to another operative in the Disputes Dept. of the bank. The emails were, by their nature, calm and considered, and today’s talk with an advisor in the fraud dept was reassuring – (I think.)

What made the difference? In today’s phone call I admitted to being very upset at the last dealing with a real person, and……. I played the elderly card. I know – shameful at my relatively young age of 67 – but it helped me not to feel quite so stupid, and it obviously made a difference as far as “Lian” was concerned.

She set out to reassure me and take me through the exact steps by which the bank could help to recover the money and limit any further dealings. I wrote everything down in a 1-2-3 fashion, read it back to her and she confirmed I had understood. I still have to pay the original debit of £125-odd but hopefully it will be refunded in due time.

Have I learned my lesson about signing up for free or trial offers?
I certainly hope so.

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8 Responses to Update on credit card fraud

  1. So far so good Freda. Let’s hope “due time” will be sooner, rather than later. I do feel for you, there really are some rotten unscrupulous people ‘out there’.
    They should come with a Government Warning – preferably tattooed on their faces.
    Best of luck with the sorting out.

  2. Tabor says:

    It is so disappointing that there are so many crooks out there. In the past we could see them coming up the sidewalk and did not have to answer the door. But now they tempt us with very professional looking ads and since we do no pay in cash they get access to too much information.

  3. LC says:

    So glad you found someone helpful among the “real” people. Hope this is heading toward quick and favorable resolution!

  4. I love talking to real people. Internet people are nice too. Dianne

  5. Lyn says:

    You and I are the same age, and while I rarely think of myself as “elderly,” I’m coming to grips with the fact that, at times, it is a legitimate factor. Really, I find myself on occasion feeling less capable of muddling out of a mire than I might have felt in the same situation 20 years ago. I think of myself as a pretty savvy and spunky old gal, but my responses are simply different these days.

    All that being said, good luck with the upward journey! I think we might all benefit fro more careful thinking!

  6. Lyn says:

    Oh, dear! That won’t let me remove and correct the comment. I should have said “…from more careful thinking!” Perhaps I might benefit from more careful typing, as well!! LOL!

  7. freda says:

    Lyn – glad to hear you are more positive rather than less!

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