Getting to know him

Knowing your dentist is definitely important.  I’ve told you before about the trauma that going to a new dentist can bring. Yesterday was a follow-up visit to do a filling – right in the centre, so I was in quite a state about the need for the dreaded injection that shoots right up your nose and into your brain. Far worse than the similar if lesser, ice-cream up the nose to the brain.

Said dentist is so cheery and bright, as well as having a nice accent. And OK he is young and good-looking. Not too young though, that would never do. The usual pleasantries over he approaches my mouth with a drill, What, no injection? squeaks I. No need, he replies, with such confidence that I am lulled into silence.

And do you know what?
He was right.

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3 Responses to Getting to know him

  1. So glad you’ve found one of the (few) good ones Freda. I too detest and fear dentists.
    Mine is a rare treasure, an absolutely beautifull little South African woman with the gentlest touch imaginable. If she were just male too, she would be perfect!
    How lucky you are to have one so good-looking that you don’t notice the pain!

  2. Marcia Mayo says:

    Thank goodness he was right!

  3. Yes, thank goodness he was right. I have an eye appointment tomorrow. Going in the afternoon with David. I hate the drops in the eyes to dialate them.

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