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Looking on the bright side

Hello world!  The nasty ‘flu is over but I have been given instructions to have a proper convalescence.  I was off my feet for a couple of weeks and am now up and pottering about with lots of wee sits … Continue reading

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Am recovering from ‘flu and hope to be back online in a week or so.

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Marvels of the internet

Google Earth is one of those applications that fascinates me, though I have to confess I am very much a novice at navigating my way around. You can see maps in all sorts of formats and street views are helpful … Continue reading

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Sunday Extra

This is a treat. 3 year old Jonathon does some conducting. Well worth a watch. Not only is it amazing, it’s prophetic. Thanks to Allen Power for the link.

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Gentle care

Got up this morning to stagger through to the shower, only to discover that my back is still twisted up from a fall I had during the week. (The result of an argument with my desk and a swivel chair.) … Continue reading

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A perfect church

You know that song, Just a perfect day? Well I found myself wondering today what would constitute a perfect church. I know the old adage that if ever I found a perfect church and joined it or went along, then … Continue reading

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Speaking about family

Zach Wahls speaks about his family. Thanks to Mountain Thyme for the link

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Toto and Misty

The Wizard of Oz is usually screened at Christmas or holiday time; Him Behind the Wheel had never seen it, so we settled down the other night for some no-hassle viewing. What can be said about a 1939 film with … Continue reading

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Mountains, clouds, sky reflected in dark pools of mystery, enlightening, enlivening, bringing colour and joy. The pilgrim soul seeks inward, looking for purpose, the reward is clarity ever deepening.

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Story telling

One of the books currently on the go is The Gift of Years by Joan Chittister. I mentioned it previously; it is a book to savour and just in case you’re interested I am now on page 100.  Progress has … Continue reading

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