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Pyjama morning

It’s been years since I’ve had a pj-day, and today was an ideal opportunity. I’ve been on my own this weekend – Misty and I in charge, as it were. (She thinks she is in charge.) Anyway, I am never … Continue reading

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To make an act of worship, we bring ourselves:     perhaps a little tired;    perhaps a little preoccupied; expecting much, expecting little. And we bring our thoughts:    some thankful and happy;    some worried and anxious;    some … Continue reading

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Sunday Treat

Talking of Birthday Treats – (sorry, it does go on a bit doesn’t it?) – this morning’s has been a good one. I managed to get to church for the first time in 4 weeks. Joining in via cd recording … Continue reading

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Gentle care

Got up this morning to stagger through to the shower, only to discover that my back is still twisted up from a fall I had during the week. (The result of an argument with my desk and a swivel chair.) … Continue reading

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Jeremiah friend or foe?

One of the senior members of my last church once asked me what I thought of Jeremiah; I have to confess that I mumbled about the prophet being one of doom, gloom and misery. The other day I found myself … Continue reading

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