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Lesley’s Challenge

Revd Lesley is celebrating 100,000 visits milestone on her blog, and she issues a challenge that we all help spread the love by sharing 4 interesting things about ourselves and then link to 4 favourite blogs.  I don’t usually join … Continue reading

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Common-sense Wisdom

During my journeys through cyberspace I came across this link for an article in the Huffington Post. I had never encountered Rabbi Shmuley Boteach before, so I looked up his website and was impressed with his common-sense approach to life … Continue reading

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A Church in Crisis? or a Stitch up?

Last night’s TV documentary was billed in the paper thus: Reporter Reevel Anderson evaluates the benefits of the Church of Scotland and considers whether diminishing congregations are indications of the Kirk’s waning contemporary relevance. Yet, early in the day I … Continue reading

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Jeremiah friend or foe?

One of the senior members of my last church once asked me what I thought of Jeremiah; I have to confess that I mumbled about the prophet being one of doom, gloom and misery. The other day I found myself … Continue reading

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A lifetime as a woman

A bit obvious you might think – A lifetime as a woman – of course that is what it is. I am not going to get into a discussion of transgender issues, don’t know enough about it. But I do … Continue reading

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The right kind of primates

Had to share this post from My Manner of Life – especially the video. Try and look at it if you can. It’s well worth it on what may have been a hard Sunday for some.

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