Lesley’s Challenge

Revd Lesley is celebrating 100,000 visits milestone on her blog, and she issues a challenge that we all help spread the love by sharing 4 interesting things about ourselves and then link to 4 favourite blogs.  I don’t usually join in with these suggestions, but as Lesley is one of my favourite bloggers – she says things the way they are – I thought it would be a chance to introduce her to others as well.

Interesting things about me: – a hard one but here goes

  1. I once danced on the table at a 50th birthday party – and I hadn’t touched a drop of alcohol (or drugs!)
  2. On a memorable occasion, just before a wedding on the top of a hill, the wind blew the marriage lines away. Fortunately, I was able to run after them….. robes flying in the gale. Oh yes, and I caught them.
  3. My best friend when I was in primary school emigrated to Australia. Now I can’t even remember her name, but then I felt as if my world had come to an end.
  4. My English Gran told me to call her Auntie, and I was a bit scared of her.

Four bloggers I like to visit: the caveat is that I enjoy all the blogs I read, so these four are important for other reasons.

  • Friko’s Blog frikosmusings.blogspot.com because her writing is of such a consistently high standard; she challenges me and makes me think.
  • Kelvin’s Blog thurible.net because he keeps me up to date with all things Anglican as well as the Scottish Episcopal Church. He says things the way he sees them, and often makes me laugh.
  • Sara’s Blog www.saralovesdogs.blogspot.com because I have gradually fallen in love with her and her dogs. She is so patient and has such fun with her Shelties and posts lots of photos and videos.
  • Time Goes By, Ronni Bennet’s blog for all things on ageing and living well.
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2 Responses to Lesley’s Challenge

  1. friko says:

    Good grief, Freda, thank you so much.
    I came here to return your visit and find myself mentioned,

    Golly, really? Will I now have to do the meme?
    It’s a bit late now, nearly midnight, but I will visit the other blogs you mention.

  2. Thanks Freda – never read your suggestions but they are great, and very varied 🙂

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