Keeping in touch

I’ve been trying to keep in touch with other bloggers in cyberspace lately. I’m still not brilliant at using Feedly, but am trying. The main problem I am having is that it seems to be getting more difficult to leave comments on a lot of blogs. I am left with no alternative but to comment via my facebook or google accounts. Of course the difficulty then is that the blogger may not recognise who I am. And somehow it is important to me that there is some sort of connection, particularly in cases where there is a definite empathy with a writer who is experiencing similar things to myself.

There is another problem with daily blogging – that is that what you see is what you get. I made a commitment to try and write something every day, just to give a flavour of what my day is like or to comment on what is going round and round in my head. The trouble with that is that:-

  1. The contents of my head can be very boring
  2. I may not feel able to share the contents when they are very personal
  3. I may come across over several days as being depressed when in actual fact I am merely in a reflective phase
  4. My blog posts can be very repetitive – after all, my life has its own little routines
  5. Do people really like to read about my thoughts and routines in any case?

Right . . . . that’s enough for the morning. I’m off to a meeting this afternoon. Immediately I come upon something which I cannot share fully. Sufficient to say it is about the routines of Son #3  – Now he really is a writer!  One day I hope to see his sci/fi futuristic novel on amazon.

Friday Blessings from Dalamory.

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2 Responses to Keeping in touch

  1. Dianne says:

    If you sign your note, I know who you are!

  2. Tabor says:

    I do not write everyday for others, while I may write everyday for me, if that makes sense.

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