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Visit to the vet

Misty had her annual check up and vaccination booster at the vet’s. What a lot of trembling and burying her head in my jumper – the dog, not the vet of course. How is it that dogs seem to know … Continue reading

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Mooc Week 4

The Forensic Science Course from Strathclyde is much more detailed than I had ever imagined. It is definitely altering my view on TV crime programmes. This week we have been looking at ballistics, guns, footwear prints, tyre prints and tool … Continue reading

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Pre-Birthday Month

Yes, I’m starting to gear up for a Pre-Birthday-Month this year. HBTW didn’t look at all surprised this morning when I announced that I needed some cheering up. Usually, come March -(the actual Birthday Month) I start to enjoy finding … Continue reading

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The best laid plans . . . . . .

Just in case you don’t know the whole phrase from Robert Burns’ To a mouse it is: The best laid schemes o’ mice an ‘men Gang aft agley, You could call it serendipity, or nappiting . . . . . … Continue reading

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RSPB Nature Watch

This is the weekend of the annual RSPB wild-life watch. The idea is that each watcher sets aside an hour, settles down – with a cup of tea of course – and proceeds to count the number of birds seen. … Continue reading

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Bonfire Heart

Don’t know why I like this song, but it seems to be today’s theme. Of course it led to an energetic discussion with HBTW and crash helmets.

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Do you remember the days long ago when we had a problem with our computers, wi-fi or technological internet kit? ¬†We used to phone helplines, spend ages on line, then follow the instructions of seeming gurus, who knew how to … Continue reading

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Mooc week 3

This week we are studying DNA via various body fluids with special attention to Blood Pattern Analysis. I thought fingerprint analysis was difficult enough; let’s just say that DNA background and analysis may be fascinating but it ain’t half hard! … Continue reading

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When you get to be a certain age and you forget something, the tendency is not to think it’s amnesia but rather Alzheimer’s or something equally horrible. Many of my friends and acquaintances make an excuse or preface a story … Continue reading

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Change of Heart

Whenever I am finding it difficult to concentrate on fiction, particularly when I want to get myself lost in a book, I will often turn back to Jodi Picoult. As fans will know, her books tend to the formulaic, but … Continue reading

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