Mooc Week 4

B2014 BulletsThe Forensic Science Course from Strathclyde is much more detailed than I had ever imagined. It is definitely altering my view on TV crime programmes.

This week we have been looking at ballistics, guns, footwear prints, tyre prints and tool marks. It transpires that all of these are sciences in transition. There is much more room for opinion, particularly when it comes to identifying specific items like an individual screwdriver, for instance. Even footwear marks can be argued over – most things are a matter of opinion, although ballistics seem to be more reliable.

I have no intention of taking up crime scene investigation, but in future my enjoyment is being refined as more information is shared. Yes, I think it is worthwhile – good for the little grey cells, as Poirot would say.

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3 Responses to Mooc Week 4

  1. Ray Barnes says:

    Scotland’s own Miss Marple it seems. Are you taking up a new career Freda?

  2. Dianne says:

    Have you readPatricia Cornwall’s books? Her character Kay Scarpetta is based on a real forensic scientist in Richmond. Gruesome at times, but real forensics.

  3. freda says:

    Forensic science is itself a bit too graphic/gruesome, but a little bit of extra knowledge fairly adds background to news bulletins as well as tv and novels. I am a Patricia Cornwall fan, though they do put my blood pressure up, I’m sure.

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