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Looking Forward

Sometimes I look at this face looking back at me in the bathroom mirror and think, You poor little old woman. Other days I think, Good grief it’s my mother, and more often than not I shrug and carry on … Continue reading

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When you get to be a certain age and you forget something, the tendency is not to think it’s amnesia but rather Alzheimer’s or something equally horrible. Many of my friends and acquaintances make an excuse or preface a story … Continue reading

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Sunday Paper

Reading the Sunday Paper used to be an energetic, messy but informative experience, which on completion made me feel well informed and slightly virtuous – it was a broadsheet after all. Nowadays things are different. First of all I read … Continue reading

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Looking on the bright side

Hello world!  The nasty ‘flu is over but I have been given instructions to have a proper convalescence.  I was off my feet for a couple of weeks and am now up and pottering about with lots of wee sits … Continue reading

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Postal strike

On the news this morning regarding the postal strike – a postal executive was saying that the strike would only further harm the service, as people would resort to other methods, particularly online payment of bills. That is exactly what … Continue reading

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