Do you remember the days long ago when we had a problem with our computers, wi-fi or technological internet kit?  We used to phone helplines, spend ages on line, then follow the instructions of seeming gurus, who knew how to fix things.  Basically, they told you to check all the plugs and connections, then to take them out one by one, sometimes switching to an alternative port or usb.

This morning, we were having trouble with the wi-fi connection on the ipad. We unplugged the modem from the electricity, plugged it back in again. Sorted! All is well at Dalamory again.

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3 Responses to Technology

  1. I love things that fix themselves.

  2. LC says:

    Unplugging is one of two strategies in my techie fix-it repertoire. The other is almost the same–turning the device off then turning it back on.

  3. Mina says:

    Being technophobes we have spent quite some time over the past few days talking to gurus of TomTom trying to download a new map. Eventually found the problem was not with switching on and off and checking connections, but going out to purchase a micro card with enough gig on it. I still prefer to talk with a person who knows that I need gentle support.

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