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One of the down-sides to Dalamory is that we do not get normal radio reception. It has long been an aim to try out Wi-fi internet radio; but actually getting round to ordering one has been problematic. If anyone is used to wi-fi systems, you will realise how dodgy they can be to set up. This week, the gales prompted Him Behind the Wheel¬† to order an Acoustic Energy internet radio. Research online showed this was a good one for oldies as you don’t have to bend over at ninety degrees to read the screen. The radio arrived within 36hrs. Much gnashing of teeth yesterday – no way could we get it to connect to our BT Home Hub.

Today dawned a new day. Still pretty vile weather; an obvious gift of a day to concentrate. After much surfing of the net, I found the magic suggestions as to how to sort it out. Teamwork won the day. We now have a working radio that can access thousands of stations, if we wish. Great fun. The temptation is to think of ourselves as electronic experts. Sadly No. But it is all about patience, tenacity and “reading what it says in the booklet and on the screen.”

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3 Responses to Internet Radio

  1. Graham says:
    There’s thousands of stations to choose form on here something for everyone .I had thought about something similar but found streaming radios too expensive
    Don’t down yourselves that’s what “techies” do Google it and solve the problem

  2. freda says:

    Good advice, Graham, thank you.

  3. freda says:

    Have just thought, Graham, Does that mean I am a techie?

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