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This is why they are called the nanny dogs

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Going to the hairdresser this afternoon. A time to be pampered awhile and a time to read ancient copies of Hello magazine, trying to work out who all the celebrities are. All this amidst Radio 2 very much in the … Continue reading

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The header should be “Claws Grrrr!”  I spend time, effort and money buying a nice new jumper and come home to a paranoid cat who desperately needs assurance that he is Top Cat. Result – one clawed jumper and one … Continue reading

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Where did spring go?

Came home today after a couple of days away visiting friends. Something had happened in Dalamory whilst we were absent: spring had never come and the summer arrived. So we had a barbecue. And very good it was too.

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The news

Sad to say but true, I have been burying my head in the sand about current affairs over the last few days. As a method to avoid the nasties etc it is very effective. However, that means missing some gems. … Continue reading

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There’s a whole world out there

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Territorial excuse

The Hushing and Shushing did not work for Misty going outside tonight. But then there were three deer just the other side of the fence. And they did not retreat all that far either.

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Wheelie Bin

So a man has been convicted of overfilling a wheelie bin by four inches. The world is truly going mad. I do not know how near his recycling facilities are, but think about people like myself who live in the … Continue reading

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Sat in church yesterday and listened to a long and complex edict or two. What it means is that our congregation is well on the way to getting a new minister. Hopefully it will all work out. The local church … Continue reading

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Look and see

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