The header should be “Claws Grrrr!”  I spend time, effort and money buying a nice new jumper and come home to a paranoid cat who desperately needs assurance that he is Top Cat. Result – one clawed jumper and one cross adult, and a cat who won’t take a telling.


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  1. Mina says:

    THAT CAT!!

    We have just come back from a lovely little holiday in the campervan. Mum, dad and I went to visit our friends with the big soppy dog. We left Fox, our cat, at home as he does not like travelling. Strangely enough he never even bothers to go in to the van, at the very most he will sniff around the wheels when we come home as if to check where we have been.

    While on holiday mum went off to the shops to make some special purchases. Mum is not really very keen on shopping so this was a big effort on her part. She went with her friend to the local town and was away for what seemed to me like ages and ages. I stayed at home with dad, the soppy dog and his dad. This was not much fun for me as the two men were very busy and the soppy dog just stayed in his bed so I was left to my own devices. There is not a lot a little dog can do in a strange house so I nosed about, got in the way a bit and then retired to the settee to watch the men working.

    Anyway – I deviate from my story. When we got home, as usual I jumped out the van and raced about the garden to see what had been happening in my absence. Not a lot I must say, so went to look for Fox. He was not far away, I could hear him yowling his greeting. He makes a very funny un-catlike noise when he sees us coming home. It is as if he is asking where we have been, what we have done and also a bit of how dare we leave him yet again.

    Dad emptied the van of the usual clutter that goes with us and mum took her shopping into the house. Oh, I forgot to say what her shopping was. She had bought herself some new clothes and she was wearing a lovely new stripy jumper. Even though I am a bit self centred I can appreciate nice style when I see it and mum really was looking very smart in her new outfit.

    After we had tidied up and had dinner, the first barbeque of the year, we went in to the house to relax. This was when Fox became a real nuisance. He pushed me out of the way so that he could climb on mum’s knee, but instead of curling up and snoozing he decided to demand mum’s 100% attention by padding. For those who don’t know what padding is this is when a cat moves his front paws constantly up and down on the human, stretching his claws in and out all the time. Mum could not stop him padding and he would not get down off her knee and he was padding on her new jumper. And, worse still, with him having been out all weekend his claws were rough! The result is that mum’s nice new jumper is no longer smooth and pretty, it now has a kind of rough bubble effect, nothing like its original look. Mum is very cross with Fox but, do you know, this does not bother him at all, he can’t see that he has done anything wrong. In his mind he was just asserting himself as one of the family, and this extra attention was his dues as he had been left behind, again.

    I think I might try to have a word with him and tell him that this kind of behaviour is not really quite the thing. Only problem is, cat language and dog language do not allow for the finer details of such an explanation. Oh well, I will just need to give mum an extra cuddle to try to make her feel better.

  2. freda says:

    From Miss T Marshall I presume. Go to the top of the class.

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