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End of the month

The Birthday Month has gone very well and very quickly. I did briefly consider having a Birthday Year but decided it would be excessive. Instead we shall simply continue to enjoy what each day brings. That is always good advice. … Continue reading

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Be gentle on the souls of your loved ones, and be gentle on your own soul. For then the world will learn compassion and everlasting love. And there will be Peace.

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Spring Washing

Yes – It’s that time of year. You can see how dirty the campervan is. We’re looking forward to our wanderings this coming year. Who knows where they will take us? Certainly not us. I could only watch long enough … Continue reading

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Birthdays and new birth

Birthday Flowers – still blooming away – giving pleasure. And some photos of Hannah at nine days old. Granddaughter #8 What a wonderful day it was when we went to visit. This was an exceptional Birthday Month treat.

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Wednesday Wisdom

This jumped out at me from Sacred Space today; if only each person could think for the common good, the world would be a better place. Have I grasped the heart of my religion. Do I concentrate on loving God … Continue reading

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Orthotic clinic

Son #3 uses a special splint on his left leg – this is as the result of an injury in a car accident in 1995. The splint is moulded to fit his calf and foot and is kept in place … Continue reading

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Back home from almost a week away – and it has been a sunny, cold, windy, beautiful day. I even managed to hang out a washing to dry. There is something special about clothes dried outside – they smell and … Continue reading

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Sunshine on Leith

Last of the Birthday treats with Son #1 and family was a take-in (Pizza) and a film on a big screen. I had been wanting to see Sunshine on Leith ever since the first reviews came out. I love The … Continue reading

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Still learning

For the last few days I have been away visiting Son #1 and his family. We have been busy doing all sorts of things and at some stage each day I have gone online using an ancient laptop. It is … Continue reading

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“The” birthday

How do you describe the feeling you get at the end of a perfect day? So many things contribute to the sense of it being special.  I’ve indulged in more retail therapy – with easy access to a favourite store, … Continue reading

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