End of the month

The Birthday Month has gone very well and very quickly. I did briefly consider having a Birthday Year but decided it would be excessive. Instead we shall simply continue to enjoy what each day brings. That is always good advice. This week we are awaiting delivery of a new capacious fridge. Plenty of room for ice cream, and fruit and veg as well. Next week, HBTW will be enjoying his Driving Experience treat at a race track in Fife. Misty and I are going along for moral support and hopefully to take photos.

The 2:5 Fast Diet is going ok – since 4 March I have lost 1.3kgs which is almost 3lbs. Not bad for a quirky type of eating. It helps to remember that I can always eat what I want the  next day, though to be honest, the diet gives an understanding of food which more or less precludes over-eating. There is a kind of knock-on effect. However, this is a long term project and is all the better for being taken slowly, one week at a time.


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