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Sunday Prayer

This is from the Iona Community, and is a modern version of the Lord’s Prayer LIVING WISDOM God in heaven, your name is to be honoured. May your new community of hope be realised on earth as it is in … Continue reading

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Move over Mum!

This is another guest post, following on from Verity’s contribution last Saturday, it seems that her dog, Valentine or ViVi is needing to get some things off his chest. He writes regularly to Misty as the two dogs are friends. … Continue reading

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More Posh

As a quick adjunct to previous post, here is a link from Guido’s blog showing a newspaper article about the early days of Jacob Rees-Mogg, a Tory MP.

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Posh and posher

The BBC Programme Posh and Posher, screened on last night’s TV was a blistering indictment of our educational system and the reasons for the narrowing of the world of politics in the UK to a privileged and wealthy elite. I … Continue reading

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This photo sums up January: bleak, stark, wondering……. but at least there’s no snow.

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So – today is 25 January – what do I write about? The Conversion of St Paul or Robert Burns? I have to confess to feeling somewhat iffy about Burns; I place the blame firmly on being brought up in … Continue reading

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Guest Post from Verity

Verity has been interested in my blog and the whole process of blogging for several years. She is one of those friends who you know are always with you. We first met when our children were young, and you know … Continue reading

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Winter walking

A winter walk, enlivened by stunning shapes…. It felt as if this fir tree was celebrating the fact that it escaped the culling of trees for Christmas. In fact, its growing pattern looks either rebellious or ridiculous according to your … Continue reading

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Laugh don’t fret

This is a joke that is meant to make you laugh not worry. During a visit to my doctor, I asked him, “How do you determine whether or not an older person should be put in an old age home?” … Continue reading

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7 Billion People

Thanks to Lesley for highlighting this youtube video from National Geographic. Puts things into perspective don’t you think?

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