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  I am Malala is one of those books which is potentially life-changing. Here is a young girl who stands confidently before politicians and world leaders, to express her belief that all children have the right to an education. In … Continue reading

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Anger Management

Being Monday, it is my Day Off. I’ve mentioned before how much I enjoy the sense of having a day when there is no pressure to either tidy up or do any chores. However, there are certain things that are … Continue reading

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Nelson Mandela 1918-2013

Today – I have to think of Nelson Mandela. He said so many memorable things, he lived his life in a courageous and effective way and he made a difference. Out of all the comments in the media the thing … Continue reading

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Posh and posher

The BBC Programme Posh and Posher, screened on last night’s TV was a blistering indictment of our educational system and the reasons for the narrowing of the world of politics in the UK to a privileged and wealthy elite. I … Continue reading

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Education and qualifications

McDonald’s awarding A-levels? I can feel a rant coming on. The education boffins have gone crazy. They can’t keep one system in place for more than ten years at a time without fiddling with it, and their habit of turning … Continue reading

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