Education and qualifications

McDonald’s awarding A-levels? I can feel a rant coming on. The education boffins have gone crazy. They can’t keep one system in place for more than ten years at a time without fiddling with it, and their habit of turning practical/theory into degrees has done far more harm than good. So good in fact, that we have plenty of nurses pretending to be doctors, but nobody prepared to wipe a patient’s bottom or clear up vomit. On the job experience should be recognised and awarded for what it is – after all, a plumber can earn nearly as much as a GP – the main difference being that the plumber works three times as many hours.

Education is about opening the mind, not just about getting certificates and bits of paper. And real education means knowing that constant re-organisations and re-structuring is the result of too many people with too little to do.

Oh dear! I suspect I am beginning to sound like my father.

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