Move over Mum!

This is another guest post, following on from Verity’s contribution last Saturday, it seems that her dog, Valentine or ViVi is needing to get some things off his chest. He writes regularly to Misty as the two dogs are friends. They even play on occasion. Usually, Misty is nervous of big dogs, but she tolerates ViVi well, though there is no doubt as to who is the boss. – Who do you think? – Misty of course.

Move Over Mum!
(by Valentine Dog – a.k.a ViVi)

I have been getting quite frustrated recently. Ok I know I am only a dog but I try also to be a writer. I do this by thought transference to my mum, but I have not been able to get through to her for ages.

The reason for this is she now thinks of herself as a (very) mature student and spends most of her time with her head in a book, watching and listening to some stuff on a DVD, and then tapping away at the keyboard. She does not seem to have much time for me.  Yes, she does take me for walks but that is not the same as me lying on my chair beside her in the study and having her write down my thoughts.

I have not even been able to write to my friend Misty for ages.  There is so much I have to tell her about my adventures int he snow, chasing pheasants, and this week I managed (almost) to catch a hare.  That was fun, I saw it when I was half-way across the field, ran to where it was, only for it to turn about and run back to the other side.  I ended up doing two and a half breadths of the field.  But do I get a chance to tell Misty about this – no!  The mature student hogs the computer and I am left out in the cold, metaphorically speaking of course.  There is no way I would tolerate being shut outside in this weather even though I have a long warm coat as befits a setter.

That is something else I have not been able to tell Misty.  After my disastrous haircut in September my coat has now grown in so that I am again looking like a proper Llwellin Setter. The only course of action I can take, I think is to ask Dad to convince Mum that we both liked her better before this student malarkey.  I wonder if that would work.  Other than that I suppose I will just have to be patient, this course of study must surely finish soon.

As you can see from the above photo, ViVi is feeling a bit put out. Do feel free to comment to him directly – or to Verity for that matter!

Misty does her own letters on occasion. I am wondering whether I should let her do an occasional blog post, though she is inclined to be a bit of a Diva.

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3 Responses to Move over Mum!

  1. Marcia Mayo says:

    I know I’m a dog but I also try to be a writer. I know the feeling, ViVi.

  2. Tabor says:

    OMG…such beauuutiful dogs!!

  3. LC says:

    Good job, Vivi! And Marcia, your comment gave me a good laugh.

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