The Gathering weekend

This is the reason I have been quiet over the weekend. It’s the first time the family have all been together for nearly six years, and it counts as a plethora of Birthday Month Treats. (You have to look closely to see Misty balanced on HBTW and me.)

Highlights included: a marvellous meal with 6 bottles of champagne; snow falling outside and the consequent sense of coziness inside; a showing of Toy Story 3 on a huge screen (plus surround sound;) children laughing and interacting with adults; grown ups gathering in groups to share memories, photos and plans for the future; a wonderful sense of catch-up with the teenagers; Misty having lots of playmates…….. and loads more that come to mind as I am snoozing and getting my energy back.

Overall, I have an overwhelming sense of gratitude and thankfulness for this very special time. We hope to do it again in four years when it coincides with  50th, 25th and 20th Wedding Anniversaries. (If I am spared and well as my Granny would say!)



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5 Responses to The Gathering weekend

  1. Quite a gathering you have there. I can just see Misty, looking comfortable on her perches. These occasions are bitter sweet for me. Currently, I am a bit anxious for my oldest granddaughter who is planning to move across the state in May. She finished her degree in December, but had a job, and is now anticipating seminary in the fall. She wants to be a youth minister she says. She has done missionary work in Louisiana and the Caribbean, and now wants to work in the inner city. Goodness knows where. I must remember that a Higher Power is guiding her footsteps, not me.

  2. LC says:

    So many blessings! I know that wonderful photograph will spark many good memories of your “gathering weekend.”

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  4. Sheila says:

    How lovely to see you surrounded by your family! What a joy that must have been and the venue looks beautiful too.

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