A rainy day

The Birthday Month is passing very quickly, so I need to remember to take advantage of it. The trouble is that with HBTW still poorly, we can’t manage to get out for treats. However, something good has come out of it all. I was unable to drive for a while due to health problems. I’ve had the all-clear on the driving front for a while, but it is amazing how easily one gets out of the habit. I’m fortunate enough to have a willing driver – anyway, he is like a lot of men and prefers to be in the driving seat himself.

Needs must, and we needed a some heavy shopping from the village shop, also, you-know-who was desperate for some exercise……… thus, twice this week I’ve taken the car out. I couldn’t manage church myself today, but I did take the car down to the carpark and gave Misty some exercise on the Glebe. Yes, in the rain. A happy dog and a happy Birthday Month Treater.

A blessed Sunday to you and yours.


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7 Responses to A rainy day

  1. Lyn says:

    Ohhh, your birthday month!! Well, then, Happy Birthday, dear Freda!

  2. Glad to hear you are getting out and about again, but the thought of doing so in the rain fills me with horror.
    Belatedly, if I have not already said it, Happy Birthday Freda!

  3. Tabor says:

    Blessings to you both.

  4. Oh my, what would we do without our dogs? I walked Johnny around the block today. That was my first trip around the block in a while. Too sick last fall, too slick mist of the winter, but feeling better now. Walking in the rain can be fun if you are properly dressed. Did Misty have a raincoat? Folks around our neighborhood have little coats for their dogs. Mine go naked.

  5. LC says:

    Depend on Misty to instigate some birthday treats! May your new week be ever healthier!

  6. Marcia Mayo says:

    It’s a healthy person who finds happiness wherever it can be located, even a carpark.

  7. freda says:

    Thanks for the greetings everybody. Dianne, Misty has a selection of coats but didn’t need one yesterday – it was 11C – and she was running around chasing a ball. Marcia, that is a wonderful thought – I have to add that the carpark only had one car in it and that was mine!

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