A few years ago I instituted my Birthday Month. Basically the idea was to have a special month with treats and outings organised on as many days as possible. Quite apart from anything else it gave me the impetus to get up, get going and get out.  As regular readers may remember, the BM is in March – a long time ago!  This month is our Wedding Anniversary – guess what – we have dedicated August as the Anniversary Month.

So far we’ve not done spectacularly well, unless you count TV-gazing at the Olympics. Yesterday was Son #1’s birthday and he was sharing his special day on facebook. They were well established along the route of the Mens’ Cycle Time Trials. HBTW and myself had taken Misty to the vet for her rabies vaccination and afterwards she visited with us and Son #3. What a special treat it turned out to be, following the race on the box and catching up via facebook and mobile phone.

Today has been a rest day – tomorrow’s treat?  Sadly that might have to be housework.

Oh yes – 47 years.

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5 Responses to Anniversary

  1. Dianne says:

    We celebrated our 30th (July 31) with a big fight about who said what and who heard what. Today we tried breakfast out. I hope anniversary month is better for you. Dianne

  2. LC says:

    Happy Anniversary Month, even if it includes those mundane activities that are a necessary part of life. You inspire me with you conscious effort to celebrate. August is A month for Hubby and me, too, #45. Right now we are celebrating the last few days of summer break before Hubby returns to his “retirement” part time position as school bus driver.

  3. friko says:

    Congratulations on 47 years well-spent (I assume, otherwise you wouldn’t advertise the fact). I think you need to find a more fitting way to remember the day way back when than by doing housework.

    All we did was to have a special meal at home (much of it bought in), a bottle of good wine and a shared look at photograph albums of the time. It was a truly special day.

  4. Sheila says:

    Oh Freda! This gave me a good laugh. I love the month long celebration idea and if I recall HBTW is going to take it to new heights with a Birthday Year!! You and I have the same birthday month and the same anniversary month. Love it. Miss you but I so enjoy your writing and keeping up with you that way. I am slogging along with my blogging. I have just finished our trip to your place and now on to Ireland. Lots of fun memories. Huge congratulations on your 47 years. We are only at a measly 21.

  5. LC says:

    Best wishes as you sail into year 48. Hubby and I celebrate #45 Sunday. I may have to think about an anniversary month for 2013 and start planning NOW. We sort of muddle low-key through anniversaries, but it seems to have worked for us.

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