An inquisitive friend

You can’t see the other side of the picture…… it was Misty, not sure what to do. This teenage deer was so interested in the little yapping dog that it didn’t run away. Misty was mystified, you might say.

Every time the little dog backed off, the deer came towards her – just as well there was a fence in between the two of them.

Being close to nature is one of the things that heals the soul.  Hence the wonderful affect that sunshine has on people’s moods.  I am very conscious of the fact that this summer of 2012 is fast slipping away. So the Anniversary Month treats are to include things that store up goodness in the face of the winter. Maybe autumn this year will be extra special, and one answer to dreading the end of summer is to look forward to crisp autumn days and the gold and purple that only autumn can bring.

Having said all that – I find that the weather forecast is for a High Pressure over Scotland. That means good weather……….  So no matter what actually happens I am in the right mood to enjoy the end of the Olympics. I have to confess that being in amongst the crowds is not my kind of thing. I prefer the comfort of home and a good view on the TV.

It has been an incredible year with all the celebrations of the Queen’s Jubilee and hosting the Olympics. I am cynical enough to presume that the government is pleased to have the emphasis taken off the economy. Still, it will be back to “auld claes and porridge” soon enough. (As my Granny would say.)

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6 Responses to An inquisitive friend

  1. Ray Barnes says:

    Lovely picture Freda.

    Pity we can’t see Misty’s face too. Not a common confrontation for her I would think.
    Deer and dogs are not a good combination really so it’s as well you have a good fence.

    I have been loving the TV cover of the Olympics and am still doing so, just about to go and watch the equestrian event.
    It is good to have a ‘ringside’ seat without all the inconvenience and expense isn’t it?

  2. Dianne says:

    Frankly, this summer has been so hot and awful, I am waiting breathlessly for fall. Dianne

  3. Dianne says:

    PS I love the teenage horns on the little deer. All fuzzy and new.

  4. Tabor says:

    Thanks for reminding me this is Scotland. Wasn’t sure why you are going to miss summer. Here in the mid-Atlantic USA we have just about had our fill of heat and humidity. Poplar tree leaves were turning yellow and falling weeks ago! There will be no leaves to love in the fall at this rate.

  5. Anne says:

    That’s a wonderful photo of the deer. He sounds as if he might be a bit aggressive, and I have seen a doe here in my back yard charge one of my poodles. Fortunately, poodles are fast runners and react quickly.

    I’m hoping for a lovely autumn in the British Isles as I will be cruising down the Thames with my daughter in October.

  6. LC says:

    I am in awe of your natural environment and always appreciate your sharing through images and words. And I loved picturing Misty in action.

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