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The world is still as difficult and as wonderful a place. 2016 is a difficult and wonderful time to be alive, and I am still struggling to make sense of everything. However, there is also a sense of waiting as you can see from the nativity scene above. Regular Readers will know that this is our collection of figures from the 5-inch Fontanini series of nativity figures and villagers, with of course the addition of the apostle John. Who says that mysticism is no more. . . . . . ?  In actual fact, more people these days are trying to make connections and make sense of their place in the world. Those who have come to the conclusion that there is no God, or maybe that there is no Other, can just take heart from an ancient fable muddled in with the winter solstice.

In other words, enjoy the season.

img_2117Tobias is our new villager this year. He looks as if he has walked a long way through sunsets and giant plants with strange sculptures all around him. He longs to see things change and for people to be happy and fulfilled.

That is no bad thing to aim for at this time of year, especially as we are bombarded with adverts for all sorts of charities needing money to make things better.

Earlier in the week, in real time and in a real place – The Community Garden – we gathered with a whole host of villagers to walk and watch and participate in the real live nativity play. Thankfully there was no rain though there was good food and wine and good cheer.

15492505_1324235637607848_3448255883148315220_nYou can find some more photos here.  An outdoors nativity  certainly gives a perspective of the dark, the cold, the crudeness of the shelter and the importance of fire for warmth and light. I once had to sleep overnight in the car during a storm. We were frightened of the storm blowing our tent away – it was cold, noisy and there wasn’t much opportunity to sleep, and that was in the summer. It always seems apt to me that this Christmas story we celebrate is about a special person being born as someone insignificant, far from home and who ends up with his parents fleeing for their lives to another country. It’s not exactly the cozy narrative we often conjure up in our heads.

All the while we were setting up the crib scene guess who was watching? Misty is already excited about the time of year because she saw some presents being wrapped and there is nothing she loves b2016-mistywatchesbetter than having a juicy-smelling package to tear apart. Don’t worry, we don’t get her an Advent Calendar. She is not exactly counting off the days.

Still . . . . we will have to watch her carefully over this time of visitors and visits, she is eleven now and tending towards the forgetful. On her way down the hall to get to her place for killing and eating her dentastix  earlier today, she shot into the bathroom, looked surprised, shook her head and then turned and trotted into the right door. It could have been a moment of forgetfulness – we all have those – or even excitement, but just maybe she is turning quirky rather quickly as she gets older. I only wish I looked as cute as her when I have a senior moment.

Please excuse me this post of whimsy. I received quite a bit of feedback from family and friends over the serious nature of the last few items. This is my fight back.

Is it too early to say – Have a Happy, Peaceful and Blessed Christmas?







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6 Responses to Another View

  1. Dianne says:

    I love Tobias. I have the Fontini set and have added to it since I got the initial pieces. Must watch where I put it owing to free flying parrots.

    I know from my reading that most of the story was constructed after the fact by people who were not there. However the miracle for me is that a simple message of love from a historical man crucified at a young age by Romans survived.

    I learned this week that the first performance of the Messiah was given to raise money for the poor.

    The other miracle is the world around us. Quite battered the past hundreds of years, but still ticking. Love Trumps hate.

  2. tabor says:

    It is NEVER too early and NEVER to late to wish folks peace and happiness. I wish you a holiday season filled with joy, good food, snacks for the aging mutt and the wisdom to know how we go forward in the coming year.

  3. Ray Barnes says:

    Certainly never to early for good wishes freda, and oh how we need them this year,
    Have you considered that Misty may need spec’s?
    Whatever the reason for her momentary lapse may I wish her and you and himself
    a very happy Christmas and a peaceful and healthy New Year.

  4. Goodness, a Cairn with specs, that would be the day!!!
    Honestly Freda, we live in the most frightful of days but still there is one truth that really can’t be overwhelmed. Whatever horrors may come, whatever lunacy stirring the waters, whatever new plots coming from selfmade dictators, the Saviour is born!! Elizabeth felt the child within her leap with joy, what will it take for us to do the same? That Tobias is a nice bloke, his face is childishly bright and innocent, perhaps we frown and crinch too much? We have all the reason in the world to fear for our own and others lives, we can’t turn away from the suffering, but within we have to keep the light from the crib guiding us through the utter darkness. So many lies trying to beat the truth out of the gospel, but it won’t work. Because of that, those pleadings for mercy and sacrifice for our fellow human beings, does work. Charity and compassion still lives within people, yes we may very well dare to wish for a merry and blessed Christmas. Thank you Freda, for those recent posts and your sincere and honest thinking.

  5. Sue McFahn says:

    Misty is such a cute dog, wish I could give her a walk or even a cuddle. Wishing you a blessed Christmas.

  6. Sheila says:

    Freda what a funny image of Misty! She is so sweet. The world is a mess but there are moments of wonder as you say and that’s where I need to focus or I would become a puddle. Here in North America we are further from the refugee crisis but we are not immune from what I see as a move away from peace and toward chaos. Trump is our Brexit. As a Canadian I take some comfort but also I’m amazed that we elected young and inexperienced Justin Trudeau. He is the subject of much controversy too but he is like a breath of fresh air at least. I usually avoid talking politics especially when in the south but the other night we had a Canadian friend over for dinner and were shocked to find out he was a Trump supporter. The lively conversation that followed was interesting to say the least and made me realize that there is another point of view that is not all evil. I still can’t quite get myself to believe there is anything good in it but some people do. We are bombarded by bad news in the media which is almost impossible to avoid these days. One way to experience the yin and yang of life safely is through reading and watching movies. This is escapism I know, but we did watch a great movie last night on netflix. It’s 5 years old so maybe you’ve seen it? It is called “Incredibly Loud and Extremely Close.” It’s a perfect example of the best aspect of human spirit pitted against the worst as a young boy tries to connect with his father who was killed during the attack of September 11th. Some of the best stories come out of the worst case scenarios. I’m thinking it’s human nature; which is depressing but also uplifting. Never to early for Christmas wishes.

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