Fontanini from afar

B2013 DontaninibirdsThis year, the addition to the Fontanini set is to be Bethlehem Birds. They will shortly be winging their way across the Atlantic to Dalamory. I hummed and ahhed about whether to order this set of 5 or a larger one of 10.  In the end prudence won. That is if you can call collecting a whole village full of village people, angels, shepherds and animals prudent at all.

It is great fun and I like to think I am building up an heirloom for the future. Hopefully they will arrive in good time and I shall devise a game of Hunt the Bethlehem Bird on top of the piano.

Do you have any favourite Christmas/Holiday traditions?

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5 Responses to Fontanini from afar

  1. friko says:

    I love my traditional wooden German figures, made by miners in snow covered villages in the Erz Mountains in the East and sold for lots of money in posh shops and Christmas markets.

    Kitsch? Ok, so it is. But who cares?

  2. LC says:

    I love nativity sets but our limited space has prevented my developing an addiction. I have a rough olive wood set from our trip to Holy Land decades ago. Setting it up is one tradition. A more recent tradition is after our Friday Thanksgiving dinner, our 6 grand kids and their parents help us decorate our Christmas tree. May your Christmas preparations be filled with joy!

  3. May I enjoy yours vicariously? I love your new birds (not coveting my neighbor’s goods).

  4. Mina says:

    Maybe you should consider getting baby-grand then you could accommodate the larger birds and other creatures. Next year????????

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