Enforced day of rest

Waking up around 4-00am HBTW discovers a storm raging round about. In another hour the power goes off. That means no lights, no heating – in other words disorientation.  By the time I had surfaced at  07-30am there were candles everywhere, gas fire on in our sun porch and a cup of tea at my elbow.  First job was to contact the electricity company – only to find that they were predicting more than 80,000 in our area without power and no update due till 6pm this evening. They promised they would try to phone everyone to let them know if the outage would last until tomorrow.  The most worrying thing was that for an hour or so we were unable to phone out as the lines were somehow blocked at the exchange.

Well – here I am now – Thursday evening, online and with the oil heating firing up (only just – it took the boiler four goes to start.)

It has been a strangely peaceful day. HBTW had to get a telephone consultation with one of our GPs – he was all off balance and dizzy, (it was not the doctor who was dizzy by the way.) The verdict was that it was likely to be labyrinthitis, an inner ear viral disorder.  Himself was instructed to have a quiet day so we both settled down with books, hot drinks, and alternating turns of dog on knee. The odd patches of snoring were heard.  Eventually the minimum of chores were seen to:  gate bolt re-fixed; (the wind had almost torn it asunder.) waste bins righted; dog walked round the village; food prepared on the gas hob.

And all is right with the world.
And all the better for being connected to the net again.

PS – the invalid is slowly improving.

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4 Responses to Enforced day of rest

  1. Tabor says:

    Stay warm and stay safe. I think that nasty weather is headed our way tomorrow.

  2. Sheila says:

    Well! I guess that answers that! Just sent you an email about your weather etc but should have checked your blog first. I have some Catching up to do. So glad you are back at it. Love your writing and WOW. (Words of wisdom)

  3. Lyn says:

    Oh my. I had a day recently with more than 15 hours without power/heat and the outside temperatures were below freezing. It is extremely inconvenient, isn’t it? I understand the peaceful aftermath. there is something about having “normalcy” restored that bring a lull. I’m glad you’re comfy again.

  4. It is miserable when the electricity goes off. We may not like how electricity is created…with fossil fuels, but we sue need it. Dianne

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