Nativity Set

Christmas is coming – the Fontanini nativity set is unpacked and has taken up residence on top of the piano. This year’s palm trees make a good backdrop. Next year, all being well, I might get a set of chickens.

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4 Responses to Nativity Set

  1. friko says:

    Beautiful! I love cribs and figures and lots of greenery for Christmas.
    Somehow I have yet to muster the enthusiasm this year. All my German folk art figures are still in their boxes and it’s the third Advent Sunday tomorrow.

    I feel really sad at my inability to get my act together.

    I hope for now winter has returned to normal in Scotland, we have been spared the worst of it although high winds have ripped a few branches off trees.

  2. freda says:

    Hope you’ll feel better about Christmas soon, Friko, give yourself some TLC space to recover. By the way – a photo of your German folk art figures would be great.

  3. Dianne says:

    Thank you for sharing this lovely exhibit of figurines. I have a little hand-carved set of the Holy Family. Otherwise, I am prosaic and collect Santas. Dianne

  4. Intrigued and would like to see the group larger. As one completely outside Christmas but thought I knew a bit about creches in art, I was surprised to discover that chickens might join next year’s nativity scene. Of course, the idea of their inclusion is very appealing.

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