Taking life easier

The title of this blog post should really be: Taking life easier – especially at Christmas. The next couple of weeks seem to have filled up with all sorts of medical appointments and visits. Now I wouldn’t have Christmas any other way; it is a special time which includes meeting up with relatives and friends. But…… I cannot make it the perfect time I used to try and make for my sons long, long ago.

Then, the house was decorated in plenty of time. I seemed to manage to fill the house with smells of evergreens and fresh baking and mincemeat. I loved the thought of the surprises of Christmas Day and it was simply special all being together. I suspect I am describing the time before I went back to work, a time when my job was to be homemaker for everyone else. Nowadays less and less people have the gift of being at home full-time. It takes two people working to pay the bills and keep the heating on.

In sensing the need to suggest that people slow down, I know I am also speaking to myself. Today is spoken for with a trip to our nearby town. Tomorrow is for unearthing decorations, including the Fontanini nativity set. As I open up the packages and dust down the figures of villagers, Mary, Joseph and Jesus, the magic of the story will seep into my soul. And somehow, things will seem calmer and brighter. It will all make sense.

Hopefully, the cards will get written, the presents wrapped and parcels posted. It will be special and holy and the truth of God with us will remind us of God’s love all over again.

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3 Responses to Taking life easier

  1. You are so right. We need to slow down and let the season envelop us. I go like a maniac too often. I overdid the exercise on Monday and was in pain all day Tuesday. Today I was more circumspect, did less and feel a bit better. My last medical appointment this month was last week. At least I got that bit under control. Thanks for your words Freda. They always inspire me. Dianne

  2. Tabor says:

    The memories of Christmas past are hard to recreate or live up to. I will not have family here before or during the holidays and must travel. So I decorate far less…just enough to keep us in the spirit of the holiday.

  3. LC says:

    Thanks for your timely and helpful observations.

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