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B2016 MistyheadclippedCome April I don’t so much think about April showers as I do about Tidy Dog. After the long months of winter the time comes when E of the travelling-groomer-fame comes to Dalamory. She is a talented and delightful person who adores animals, so I fail to understand why our little animal starts to shiver whenever the mobile salon pulls up to the house and gets plugged in. It’s all so attention-seeking, because apparently Misty is extremely good while the clipping and bathing happens. And you should see the delight afterwards – she runs and skips and preens and generally seems to say by her very demeanour that Spring is definitely here and we should go somewhere immediately so that she can show off her new look. For the sake of clarity, this all refers to Misty and not E.

The whole household benefits from this twice-yearly event. Us Oldies are smitten anew with the Little Girl, and it is not long till we devise some kind of doggy-centred outing. We are fortunate in this area because there are so many wonderful places to explore.  We all enjoy the oakwoods at this time of year as it is great fun to listen out for the hammering noise of the woodpeckers.  These birds only occasionally come to the garden feeders, but judging by the sound of them there are plenty around.

B2014 Woodpecker

B2012 BlackmountlochI’ve been seriously considering having a post-Birthday-Month extra time for treats this year, but to be honest it would be excessive because I have done very well for extras this year. Instead we shall celebrate the brief interlude of Spring and if any extra happenings occur during this time then all well and good. No doubt, Blog Reader, you will hear about them as and when they happen.

I’m having to face a new dentist this month, so with my kind of reasoning that means a compensatory something, perhaps along the lines of Pooh Bear’s honey jar.  The Story of Two Dentists is still in the making. Let’s just say that the fees of my dentist since 1997 have been increasing year on year and the recent take-over of the practice has been the last straw. HBTW suggested I switch to the newly refurbished practice he attends, and register myself as an NHS patient. More to follow . . . . . . . .

Thus life plods on in what I often think of as the Golden Years. These are times when I am well aware of the blessings of our little, ordinary lives. And I don’t mean that in a belittling manner, I am only too well aware of how often life can go pear-shaped for people. Much of my time as a Minister was spent in trying to make sense of the sorrows and tragedies of peoples’ lives. I guess that is why you’ll often get the odd snippet of bile in these posts, mainly when I think about injustice and violence. Having got that off my chest, I leave you with the blessings of Spring, hoping that all is well in your part of the woods.

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3 Responses to Tidy dog and other things

  1. Sheila says:

    i love spring too and you have captured the wonderful attitude it brings. We are still in the south but not for long. A late snowstorm has hit in Kincardine and area but hopefully will be gone before we get there. So lucky in this ordinary life!! Loving the little things.

  2. tabor says:

    Changes in care givers are hardest as we age. I think we expect a better relationship and that is difficult when we are older, more forgetful and less attractive. We are more likely to just be another patient. That is one interesting woodpecker!

  3. Thank you Freda. Yes, there are injustices in this world. Presently, we are praying for jobs for granddaughters, as all have moved back home with Mom an Dad.

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