Out of the devastation . . . .

Out of the devastation comes the wonderful view . . . .   All around us the trees are being felled and lorried out. Enormous specially adapted logging machines make quick work of the process of stripping, cutting and loading the precision-cut lengths of trunk onto lorries and trailers for transportation to who knows where. That’s not quite true in fact, if you google timber and where it goes there is a whole mass of information. It quite bewilders the head, so we will leave it for another day.

My main reason for writing today is that practically the whole of March has gone by with nary a peep from Yours Truly. And, it is the Birthday Month. To be honest, this year, March has flown past and I can’t make up my mind whether this is because I have been having such a wonderful time that I haven’t noticed, or I have been forgetting to make the most of it. Mind you, the credit card has taken a hit with broken down domestic appliances needing replaced and several other purchases which has meant a month of waiting for deliveries. Always fun in the wilds of Argyll as suppliers seem to think we are hundreds of miles away from the central belt instead of a mere 70 miles or so. You live where? – said with an escalating tonal twang on the end of the address.

It has hit me with some force of late, that apart from my upbringing in the hinterland of SE9 (ie Outer London) this is the place where I have lived the longest. My life has been a long series of removals, following parents, husband’s job, my job and finally settling with a sigh into a rural and relatively tranquil idyll that just seems about right. I suppose such reflections come out of the process of the Writing of the Memoirs, which is coming along at a predictable snail’s pace, but a satisfying one nonethless. I throw that in to titillate the cockles of anyone who happens to enjoy autobiographical ramblings, though one thing I have discovered during the whole writing and editing process is that it is as important what one leaves out as what one includes. And if that doesn’t sound interesting then I don’t know what does.

Other things of note in this Birthday Month are as follows:

  • Misty has had her springtime cuteness haircut. Photos may follow, if and when she deigns to allow herself to be captured on camera. I should perhaps mention that throughout her eleven years and four months she has been notoriously difficult to either video or photograph.
  • Reading has been mainly non-fiction: autobiographies, letters, journals, travel and a long and fascinating biography of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.
  • I did a mooc on how to understand one’s liver. From a medical slant, not culinary.
  • We cleared out the garage and have made a good start on the workshop. Yes – there is a good reason and I may reveal it in due course. Let us just say I am a little reticent in case it all ends up being a damp squib.
  • I met up with my best friend from Primary School Days and her husband. Together with HBTW we went out for a meal. We talked ourselves hoarse and managed to eat as well as laughing a lot. Amazing how you automatically slip into the mode of being open and honest with someone who has known you since your first day at school.
  • Our local church was nearly filled to capacity as members did a self-led and innovative take on Mothers’ Day. Not an easy thing to do and all the better with having nothing to do with me or any other clergy. I mean that in a good way!

I am sure there were many more highlights. Who knows, perhaps I will manage to share these with you sooner rather than letting another month slip by. One thing is much in mind at the moment. I am thinking of having a Post-Birthday-Month for extra treats and outings, simply because I can. What do you think?

Blessings from Dalamory.

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16 Responses to Out of the devastation . . . .

  1. robin Marshall says:

    Big Sigh from HBTW more trips etc exhaustion to continue for another month better get in training

  2. Hello Freda!
    You seem to be having a very pleasant time altogether but I sense a vague hint of something exiting going on…I wanted to ask about the writing and it seems to be on the move too. Mothers Day is in may here in Sweden, for some it’s very important not to have the sunday service in the afternoon because then you will be at Moms, having coffee and bringing flowers. Winter has passed here, spring was up and running on about 19,5 celcius, and fell right back down again. New flowers are waiting in the garage !
    Whos birthday are we talking about here, yours or everyones???
    I hope Mistys haircut turned out well!!
    Blessings to you in these times of Lent, heading for Easter!!

  3. Tabor says:

    I do like the way you leave little tidbits here and there to keep your readers wondering about the mysteries behind the clues.

  4. freda says:

    Hi Solveig, I have to confess that it is all about my own Birthday Month, which is March. I am a firm believer in everyone having a BM though, and this year I have declared April as an extra Post-BM. Just to keep life interesting.

    Misty’s haircut is as cute as ever – photos soon.

  5. freda says:

    Tabor, I’m glad you noticed the tidbits . . . . . . . . I shall do my best to fulfil them.

  6. freda says:

    And as for HBTW – I know you like the extra treats too!

  7. Ha, April is MY BM in that case!!! But honestly, I will stick to the forth, it’s enough. Another year out of pure grace, Freda, Happy Birtdays to us then!!

  8. Genie says:

    Yes, by all means have an extra post Birthday Month. Or two if you are able. Life is too important to skip any possible celebration.
    For various reasons my April birthday was often acknowledged without any celebration. This year I will be 81 yo. I call any little treat weeks before and for weeks after the date a birthday treat. 😉

  9. freda says:

    I so love to think of Readers all over the world having birthday treats and birthday months. Tomorrow, we are planning a picnic and a day out – all to include appointments at the optician’s which is in a beautiful, Argyllshire town by the sea. Happy treats everybody!

  10. Sheila says:

    Belatedly, I like this philosophy of birthday treats and definitely adding another month! I am hoping I will get to read your memoir.

  11. Hi Freda!
    I noticed you payed me a visit so I thought I would pop in here and see if there was any progress. I suppose there is soo much that you don’t have time to share it, as yet!
    In Sweden we have passed Mothers day, Pentecost and now Midsummers eve with all the dancing, eating and drinking. Strawberries are in high demand, se eat several pounds of them each! For my own part I have started to write more lyrics and work on tunes, life has been tough on us and I am on my way to a change, we plan on moving too. A friend of mine says that you should follow your deepest longings and God will bless your choice when it’s good.
    I envy your scenery but I am still missing pictures of DD ( dear dog) new haircut!!
    By the way, we have a poet in Sweden called Bo Setterlind, he wrote a poem called ” Now all the mountains say goodnight”, it begins: “Now all the mountains say goodnight, the brown to the blue, the blue to all of those who stand with the golden saddles on, the green to the medieval grey, a red to an orange and beyond a mountain in silver to a mountain in black” He also created many a poems to the Lord! Blessings!

  12. freda says:

    Thank you for dropping by Solveig,
    You have helped to gentle me into action and for that I thank you. I have been overly taken up with personal issues, some of which I may not be able to share. For now, be assured that the little dog looks very cute though her hair is growing apace. She sits here beside me as I write and is the recipient of many a confidence. So the answer has to be – keep watching and I will do my best to explain.
    Every Blessing, Freda

  13. Roger Chapman says:

    I seem to have missed something. I thought that I saw the June entry but it disappeared before I had time to take it in.

  14. freda says:

    Good intentions, Roger. Let’s just say that life has been a bit hard this summer. It’s not bereavement but is to do with a close relative and cannot be shared at the moment. Thank you for looking by.

  15. freda says:

    Thank you for the poem, Solveig, I am looking for more examples of that type of mystical, spiritual poetry – it seems that this will speak to my soul. Maybe then I can explain how I feel in a clearer and better way. In the meantime, all positive thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated. Many blessings to you and yours.

  16. freda says:

    Sorry to say, Sheila, that the memoir has been a bit stickit because of all the worries raging round in my head. Maybe this is the start of getting going again.

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