IMG_1552The world is now more monochrome than wet. Wet is to come I suppose, when the snow melts. For now, the garden looks more like a Christmas scene and Misty dog is dancing about as if she is 10 months old rather than 10 years.

B2016 Snowmistydog

I wasn’t quite up to making a snow angel myself, in any case the snow is not yet deep enough. I’ll store that away for the wish list later on. However, the walk outside in the crisp air did brighten me up sufficiently to think about a new Things to do before . . . . . . . . list. Of course I’ve missed the Before I’m seventy – It’s nearly the birthday month prior to being seventy-two; and Things to do before I am eighty has a kind of other-worldly feel to it . . . . mainly because I cannot imagine being eighty.

It seems somehow kind of frivolous to be thinking like this, what with all the troubles in the world, the government, wars, terrorism, famine, politics in general, austerity, cuts in particular etc etc. However I plead the excuse that several readers have questioned my mood in my blog posts over the last few months. Of course I am only gradually feeling my way back into more regular writing and like many other bloggers I am struggling to find my new position in this new world of social media, twitter, instagram, the cloud and so forth. Some bloggers are fast establishing themselves as niche journalists and the best (or is it the most annoying and persistent?) of these tend to be picked up by newspapers who are increasingly looking for free copy.

So with that out of the way I make no further excuses about the hopefully lighter mood of this post.

First things first – and over to the A retiree’s list of things to do – originally, this was Things to do before I am sixty – and I updated it along the way. So the new one is rather different in that it reflects the reality of where I am now. It is going to be called Ever onward in the present. (Unless it changes before I get round to writing it.) It is going to include some of the following.

  1. Learn to do the tango all the way through without forgetting the steps.
  2. Make a snow angel and take a photograph of it.
  3. Tidy the study to reflect present interests.
  4. Sort some stamps just to enjoy the designs and photos.
  5. Spend adult time with adult grandchildren.
  6. Laugh with younger grandchildren and yes, their children too.
  7. Stop fretting about things I can no longer do. Let’s face it, driving the campervan is aff.
  8. Be proud of myself for reducing weight and being a healthier BMI
  9. Laugh every day.
  10. Pray God’s Blessing for all the broken places and hurting lives.

There – as I said, a start.  What sort of things would you put on a list? And by the way it works for any age.


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6 Responses to Monochrome

  1. A great list. I like the part about playing with children. Just remembr this…never make snow angels in a dog park!

  2. tabor says:

    This is the most precious and beautiful post I have read in some time. It is golden and I have no idea what “aff” means. You have grandchildren that are having grandchildren…I will not be alive for that most likely…how blessed your are.

  3. Mina says:

    Positive thoughts for a new year – like them.

  4. Cathy says:

    I know what you mean about missing the boat where – things to do before 60 is concerned. And yuk to before 80 – 7 years hence in my case. Like you my things to do are here and now lol.
    Really like the look of your list – mine would include learn to swim free style (crawl). I only ever learnt breast stroke and feel ancient when I see others gliding along effortlessly arm over arm.
    Laughing each day is a definite 🙂

  5. freda says:

    Thanks, Tabor, “Aff” is one of those old Scots words that can be used in several ways. I was meaning that driving the campervan is “off the menu” ie no longer possible. (More because of double vision than anything else.)

  6. Ray Barnes says:

    Good luck with your list Freda. It sounds very ambitious from my ancient perspective.
    I love the sound of the snow angel but even if I could get down to the ground without collapsing I’d never get up without the help of a crane. (Can’t imagine what the snow angel would look like then).
    These days I don’t do bucket lists, but have a few small plans in my head and feel the most enormous amount of pride when I accomplish something quite minor.
    Sufficient unto the day……

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