#3 Son has been giving me a row lately. He has only recently taken to reading my blog. (All to do with internet access being a problem) – and he says that the sons and grandchildren should be mentioned more. My biography page explains who I am and that I have four sons and seven grandchildren. And like many a parent and grandparent I am wary of going on too much about them. But also, there is the ever present problem of how much to reveal over the internet. Anyway, to make #3 feel appreciated I will take this opportunity of saying what pleasure it gives to see all the grown-up sons doing so well with their lives.

How do other bloggers cope? What do you feel about the balance between privacy and common-sense?

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  1. Ruth says:

    Yes, one of my sons gave me a warning that if I ever blogged about him he would never speak to me again. The other son would like as much attention as possible. I do as you do – no names, just numbers – and only refer to them in passing. eg Son #1 and I went to … I reckon its my blog, not theirs, so it would be unfair to giveout info that may embarrass them. (altho as I said Son #1 is never embarrassed about anything, worryingly!) Now you see, I can write that on your blog but wouldn’t on mine!

  2. Freda says:

    Thanks Ruth, funny how some like attention and others not – it is probably the same for all relatives and friends. I have a couple of friends who like nothing better than to be part of the action. My biggest trouble has been not putting “the family” top of my list of favourite things. That took some explaining!

  3. chris says:

    My sons both blog, so I’m less bothered by keeping them private – in fact, no2 son and I link to each other frequently. Same with our Flickr photosharing – we’ve given up on bothering about privacy there too, more or less. But I am always aware that they might well read what I write, so try not to be particularly mumsy!

    Good to meet you today, BTW!

  4. Freda says:

    Thanks Chris, it was great to put faces to bloggers. Talking of which, I am still only pondering Facebook!

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