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I couldn’t work out what was different in church this morning. Then it dawned on me – there were no flowers, just the two large aspidistras on either side of the pulpit. This is the first Sunday in Lent, traditionally … Continue reading

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  Not long now till my favourite time of the year. Come March – my Birthday Month, in case anyone has forgotten – the signs of spring are evident all around: crocuses, buds swelling on the bushes, birds getting vocal … Continue reading

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Lent promises

This year I have been a bit behind with thinking what to do in Lent, in terms of spiritual discipline. In years gone by I’ve tried many of the usual things – giving up chocolate or coffee, for instance – … Continue reading

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Journey through Lent

Lent continues with magnificent weather; sunshine kissing the frost away where it touches. So it is quite strange to have a spiritual book giving the themes of Judge not so that you be not judged….. Never my favourite Bible passage. … Continue reading

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It is difficult to summon up enthusiasm for Lent this year. This is the time of year when Christians are encouraged to find ways to help prepare themselves for the events of Holy Week – the death and rising of … Continue reading

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