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I couldn’t work out what was different in church this morning. Then it dawned on me – there were no flowers, just the two large aspidistras on either side of the pulpit. This is the first Sunday in Lent, traditionally … Continue reading

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Plant bookcase

Since Christmas I have re-organised the dining-end bookcase to display plants. As well as getting a fair bit of light and the occasional glimpse of sun, the display cheers things up. The only imperative is that HBTW has to take … Continue reading

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Gardening in difficult weather

There be dragons in the garden; in fact they have been rescued from the local garden centre and given the mission to stop the collared doves pulling up the newly planted pots. The pots are a wonderful way to inject … Continue reading

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The Enemy

They say that Japanese Knotweed is the next big enemy in the invasion of our hedgerows. It is disliked even more than the rhododendrons that have adapted so well to the weather in Argyll. Regular weedkilling used to take place … Continue reading

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It was a beautiful day today here in Dalamory. Temperature of 12C in the sunshine, so I had a walk round the garden to survey the damage done by the deer and the extraordinarily cold winter. The plants have been … Continue reading

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The latest in the nematode saga

The packet of nematodes has arrived. It has been double-locked in the fridge till Him Behind the Wheel is brave enough to let them loose on the garden. Apparently the technique is to mix them with water and water them … Continue reading

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