Plant bookcase

Since Christmas I have re-organised the dining-end bookcase to display plants. As well as getting a fair bit of light and the occasional glimpse of sun, the display cheers things up. The only imperative is that HBTW has to take control of them, I tend to overdo the watering.

B2014 CrocusesThese crocuses are sunny in themselves. We found a source of inexpensive potted bulbs last year at this time and kept on replacing them until the shop ran out. Last year’s rested  plants are now coming up in the garden.

So this counts as the first of the Birthday Month treats. It is a wonderful feeling now that March is actually here. I am definitely a March baby – it’s great. Happy nearly Spring to you and yours.

We all need to enjoy a few treats now and then. Go for it.


Here is the whole bookcase display.

B2014 Plantbookcasefeb

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3 Responses to Plant bookcase

  1. LC says:

    Your new arrangement of spring happiness on your bookcase is a treat indeed!

  2. Tabor says:

    Such a lovely spot to rest in the sun.

  3. Dianne says:

    Lovely and it looks as though you have a great area to give them a bit of winter sun.

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