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What do you get at the hairdresser?

It was my 6-weekly visit to the hairdresser today. This time for “foils” which is when a little extra colour help is applied. I also get a couple of shampoos and a cut and bow-dry. In other words a couple … Continue reading

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Son #4 and family moved house this weekend. They are settled in and have beds to sleep in and blinds at the windows, but there are all sorts of outstanding jobs that need done. Going to a new place to … Continue reading

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A Good Year

Sometimes – the only thing to do is to declare a romcom night with a good DVD and a nice cup of something soothing. It has been a hectic time over the last few weeks and having waved goodbye to … Continue reading

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It’s sometimes difficult to keep up with internet-speak, text-speak, online chatting terms and so forth. But one word I love to hear the grandchildren use so happily is “chilling”. This is not the way they describe a bad experience at … Continue reading

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Gardening in difficult weather

There be dragons in the garden; in fact they have been rescued from the local garden centre and given the mission to stop the collared doves pulling up the newly planted pots. The pots are a wonderful way to inject … Continue reading

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