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Always the same

When I was very young I used to get so worked up over films or TV that I almost freaked out. It started with Bambi, yes the Disney cartoon. When baby Bambi was separated from his mother and orphaned in … Continue reading

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You know how sometimes you have “those” moments when somehow things go wrong, and instead of cursing gently, you stop, think and reconsider. Well that has happened to me this afternoon. I found the appropriate photograph, tweaked the exposure and … Continue reading

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Before and after

  These photos tell the story: Misty sees Emma in her travelling grooming van Misty tries to run away. HBTW prevails. all is well in the end. In fact the little dog looks quite pleased with herself.

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Lent promises

This year I have been a bit behind with thinking what to do in Lent, in terms of spiritual discipline. In years gone by I’ve tried many of the usual things – giving up chocolate or coffee, for instance – … Continue reading

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Mouse Patrol

Him Behind The Wheel became the Mouse Patrol Officer this morning. That meant getting the ladder out of the garage through the snow and climbing into the loft to check the poison. (Sorry, No way can I cope with human … Continue reading

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Conquering fear

Sometimes you can’t simply conquer fear. I suppose I should make it personal and admit that I can’t. It doesn’t matter how many times I say the Jesus Prayer, or whisper Please, God…….. the fear won’t budge. Truth is that … Continue reading

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O Happy Dentist

Counting one’s blessings has been a theme recently. Being thankful for little things, has helped my mood dramatically. Yesterday¬† was a bit of a blip though. Being the age I am, I can well remember the terrors of going to … Continue reading

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Good advice

The main thing in life is not to be afraid to be human. Pablo Casals

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