Norman Wisdom In Memoriam

There is so much I could say about growing up and Norman Wisdom. He came across as being funny, endearing and sincere; he was also a favourite of my Mother’s, which meant I got to see him on TV. A few years ago I saw a documentary of his life in retirement, on the Isle of Man. He still showed the same qualities, but also had a strong independent streak. This youtube clip shows him singing Don’t laugh at me ‘cos I’m a fool. (By the way I am word perfect.) It’s a song which gave me great hope whilst I was stumbling through my teenage years.

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  1. Mina says:

    A brilliant artist and a model which many could follow. I always enjoyed watching and listening to him. Today I heard a tribute to him where he sings with Joyce Grenfell and to my shame I have already forgotten the title – it was wonderful and moved me to tears and laughter. p.s. to me – must look it up on the ‘net.

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