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Celtic Prayer

Sacred Space 2011 arrived in time for the start of Advent – excellent! I ordered from and it came from amazon Germany. (Possibly because of a large USA army force resident there?) The prayer at the beginning is an … Continue reading

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This has been a lovely weekend, friends were staying for a couple of nights just prior to their 25th Wedding Anniversary. We shared lots of good food, (thanks to HBTW for marvellous meals;) good conversation ranging on shared memories over … Continue reading

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Fall of Giants

If I say to you that at times I wanted the giants to hurry up and fall, then you’ve got a fair idea of what this review is going to be like. Having given Ken Follet’s earlier book, World Without … Continue reading

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Birthday Blessings

Blessings have been very much on my mind as I think about blogging friends and family who celebrate Thanksgiving. As you probably know already, Misty is a very special part of our lives. Today is her fifth birthday and she … Continue reading

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Quite a number of the blogs I read regularly are from the USA and of course there is a lot of chatter right now about Thanksgiving. What a wonderful holiday to have and celebrate; realistically I suppose it is better … Continue reading

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Embracing change

Part of my meditation and prayer routine is to use the prayer suggestions produced by the Jesuits in Indiana, USA. And most years I have managed to buy this online via amazon. Unfortunately this year it seems to only ┬ábe … Continue reading

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Bedtime reading is habitually a diary or journal – the favourites being those of May Sarton. She found literary fame in her final years, principally through the journals, which then led people to go back to her novels and poems. … Continue reading

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Amazing or what?

Thanks to Julie for posting this on her facebook page. What are your thoughts on this? Note to any grandchildren straying onto this page today: – Don’t try it! You can read an interview with Danny here.

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Chocolate cake and Kings

Today has been one of those nothing days, you get up, it is light, you sit down, you do one or two emails, you look up and it is dark. And what has been achieved? Nothing very much. Actually that … Continue reading

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Julie and Julia

It’s a bit surreal to be writing about a film about blogging through a book in a year, but that is what this magnificent film is about. Right at the start, I’m giving it a 20 out of 10 for … Continue reading

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