Embracing change

Part of my meditation and prayer routine is to use the prayer suggestions produced by the Jesuits in Indiana, USA. And most years I have managed to buy this online via amazon. Unfortunately this year it seems to only  be available from the American website, not the UK one. No problem, thought I, it just means one click ordering and it will arrive shortly. Sadly, that has not been the case, and now that I have checked online there was an order delay of 1 or 2 months!

Now – the prayers run from Advent, which is the start of a new church year. Yikes, it’s next Sunday. Oh well, that means that I shall have to find other things to go along with the other material I also use. All well and good, but I was talking recently about the development of habits and routines that made life easier day by day, so I wonder how my spiritual life will survive this little challenge. It will probably be good for me. In fact, I’d be grateful for any suggestions and ideas that you may have that have worked for you. Or maybe you are the sort of person who advocates breathing and relaxation, or looking at a flower or candle.

Here’s one of the prayers I’ve quoted before.

Take time off each day to think and pray
To care how your life is going.
Give your roots rain.
Take time with a friend to do nothing too important.
But just be together, to enjoy another person.
Give your roots rain.
Take time to write a poem or grow a flower,
To create something that is of you.
Give your roots rain.
For in your roots you find who you are,
And there too find who God is,
For he has not forced you into his home,
Rather he has made his home in you.

Sacred Space

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7 Responses to Embracing change

  1. Lyn says:

    Freda, have you considered going to the website [http://sacredspace.ie/] for the daily prayer until the book arrives? Perhaps not ideal, but certainly a possible substitute. I like that they give something to think about for the week before the prayers. .

  2. Chancy says:

    Freda Try here if you haven’t already checked this seller for the book:

    http://www.avemariapress.com/ and also

    Alban Press I think they are both in Scotland

    Happy hunting

  3. freda says:

    Thanks for the links, Chancy, I’ve written to them both to see what’s available. It is a good idea to use the website till I get the book; not quite as good for me as I often write prayers and comments on the book – probably that is why I am so attached to it!

  4. Beautiful prayer Freda. I graduated from Georgetown University so I appreciate all things Jesuit. Well almost all things.

  5. LC says:

    Thank you for sharing that prayer. “Give your roots rain” is such a powerful refrain. The greatest of blessings to be thankful for, that he has made his home in me. Thank you again.

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